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Edsleskogs Wärdshus (The Guesthosue of Edsleskog) is situated in the province of Dalsland, West Sweden. The informal and cosy Guesthouse lays at the south end of Lake Edslan, your balcony and the terrace is only 25 meters away from the waterside. From your balcony and the terrace you have a mileswide view towards several nature reserves, green hills and crystal clear water. These surroundings invite you to make a hikingtour, to go out fishing and take your camera to take the most wonderful naturepictures.  Inside we offer ten rooms with their own shower / toilet unit and grand hall with great windows towards the water and comfortable coaches around the fireplace.

Please use the booking form to book a visit.
For general inquiries, please contact us directly.

We can’t wait to see you in Edsleskog!

Sincere thanks, Hanneke and Johan Postma