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Hiking Trailrunning

We gladly invite you to stay at our guesthouse for some hikingdays in our area. We offer an all-inclusive package filled with a daypack and all maps you might need during your hikingdays. All trails that you will finds in the maps are well marked in the forests and start at parkingplaces. In the evening we serve your meal and desert at the terrace with lake view. From our guesthouse you can choose several hikingplaces which start directly from our doorstep. You could choose to hike to the lovely city of åmål at the big lake Vänern, take a coffee at a terrace and take the bus back to Edsleskog. The bus stops ony 100 meters from our guesthouse. You will also find an old pilgrimstrail passing our guesthouse. Within half an hour hiking you will find Bräcke ängar, old and ancient hilly meadows where you will find orchids and butterflies. Most of the other hikingtrails can be reached by public transport. And about the animals you might see..? Moose will always be shy but beavers, roedeer, cranebirds, woodpeckers and all kinds of waterbirds will not be so hard to find. We will be glad helping you out to find the most beautifell places around us.


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